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About Us

Auto Body Concepts, located in Glocester, Rhode Island, ranks as one of New England's finest auto collision repair facilities. Our highly trained technicians and professional support staff insure that in the unfortunate event of an accident, your vehicle will be repaired with the quality of workmanship that only Auto Body Concepts can provide. Auto Body Concepts owner Greg Gabel believes in a simple philosophy; give the customer a quality job at a reasonable price and back it up with an iron clad guarantee.

20 Point Safety Check

Before we deliver your vehicle to you we perform 20 Safety Checks to insure that all systems are working properly and you are good to go!

  1. All Lighting - Exterior & Interior
  2. Braking System
  3. Steering System
  4. Tires & Wheels
  5. All Fluids - Brake -Transmission
  6. Cooling System
  7. Wheel Alignment
  8. Hoses
  9. Belts
  10. Shocks
  11. Exhaust System
  12. Auto Glass

Paint Mixing System

Mixing System

In-House Paint Mixing System

On-site auto paint-mixing saves you time and money!

You save time and money, and get a perfect auto paint match to boot.

Most auto paint repair shops don’t have it. But auto touch up to full car painting our In-House paint mixing systems saves you time and money. How?

What is the benefit to you?

You’ll get a perfect match. Mixing car paint on-site allows us to ‘tweak’ the color to just right. No send-backs and waiting. Leaving you with perfectly matched car paint and panels.

Automotive Welding

After more than two decades since its introduction, advanced high-strength steels (AHSS) are making major inroads into the automotive manufacturing. The sluggish acceptance of advanced high-strength steel came from the auto industry’s reluctance to making changes, some industry experts said. However, rising fuel prices, environmental issues, and increased safety concerns combined to push vehicle makers into developing lighter weight cars.

Heated Downdraft Spray Booth

Auto Body Concept's Heated Down Draft Spray Paint Booth intakes fresh air from the cleaner upper levels of the shop through a filter bank located in the booth ceiling near the product doors. The filtered air is drawn down through the booth to an exhaust filter system at the other end. This booth is equipped with a pre-filter plenum for additional intake air filtration. The basic modified downdraft design allows for easy pressurization with the addition of an intake fan or a heated air make up unit. The benefits of using a Heated Down Draft Spray Booth include:

Replacement Parts Quality

When it comes to OEM quality there is really no debate. Replacement OEM parts are the same exact parts that were used on your vehicle when it was built, the same parts were on it before it was damaged, with the same fit, finish, structural integrity, corrosion resistance and dent protection. The quality picture is much less clear for imitation parts: Testing of imitation crash parts performed by Consumer Reports Magazine in the February 2012 issue really blew the lid off of what the insurance companies have been trying to keep under cover for years. This is not news by any means.

Parts Cash Rebate

Parts Discount 10% - Cash Rebate Back. Take as cash or apply to your insurance deductable - Call for details!

Auto Collision Repair

Auto Body Concepts will handle your collision repair from start to finish.   We will procure all parts, provide expert structural repair and body work, and paint your car using exact color matching technology.

Choosing a Shop

Auto Body Concepts in Chepachet Rhode Island has enjoyed a reputation of excellance in service for over 30 years.

Next to your home, your car is the second largest investment you will make. You spend a great deal of time choosing that right car. And then in minutes you suddenly find yourself with a car that's been damaged in an automobile accident. As a result the same common question continuously gets asked "Which auto collision center should I use"?

Towing Services

Auto Body Concepts will pickup your vehicle and process all insurance information

If your vehicle is still driveable, call Auto Body Concepts at (401) 568-7700 to schedule bringing your vehicle in for an estimate.   After hours, feel free to leave your vehicle in our lot and leave the keys in our office drop slot.

If you require a tow or flatbed, call us and we can arrange for the tow with one of our discounted towing services.  

Our goal is to provide the most stress-free experience for our customers from pickup to job completion!

Estimation Process

Auto Body Concepts will provide you with a complete estimate with great attention in listing all damage

The repair process begins even before you leave your car with us. Auto Body Concepts enjoys favorable relationships with all insurance companies and are direct repair facilities for many companies. This means Auto Body Concepts will assist the insurance companies in writing the estimate, handling your claim, and negotiating with the insurance provider to ensure your vehicle is repaired properly. If your vehicle is drivable, Auto Body Concepts will pre-order your parts to cut down on the time your car is in the repair shop.