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Painting Services

Perfect paint job and color matching each time
Automotive Painting Services
Perfect paint job and color matching each time

Repainting the entire vehicle PROPERLY will make the car look brand new again. Cutting certain corners can create problems with the new finish that are worse than problems with the existing finish. By understanding what you want to accomplish and how much you wish to spend, we can determine the best course of action.

Auto Body Concepts utilizes the Dupont Acquire Plus EFX™ system to assure an exact color match each time.  This system uses advanced optics technology to achive the most accurate color formulation.

When we refinish a car, we remove all of the trim so that the paint can be applied beneath moldings, handles, lights etc., as it was when the car was built. While it is less expensive to skip this step, we can not provide a warranty against peeling paint as it is impossible to properly prepare the existing finish where tight fitting gaskets and moldings meet the surface unless we remove all the trim.

We use the highest quality two stage refinish system available. The finish we apply will maintain gloss and appearance for many years. Certain brands of paint (which are cheaper and more prevalent in the repair industry) not only start out with less gloss than ours, but they lose even more of their reflective gloss as time goes on.

The cost of a repaint where the car looks like new, and you can’t tell it has been painted, runs $2,500.00 and up. Most cars we look at don’t really need a whole paint job. They usually need a combination of Spot Blending, Paintless Dent Repair, and Detailing to look almost as good as new much less investment.

We'll be happy to look at your car and suggest the best value for your vehicle.