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Paint Mixing System

Mixing System

In-House Paint Mixing System

On-site auto paint-mixing saves you time and money!

You save time and money, and get a perfect auto paint match to boot.

Most auto paint repair shops don’t have it. But auto touch up to full car painting our In-House paint mixing systems saves you time and money. How?

What is the benefit to you?

You’ll get a perfect match. Mixing car paint on-site allows us to ‘tweak’ the color to just right. No send-backs and waiting. Leaving you with perfectly matched car paint and panels.

Any car matched, regardless of condition. Even if your car is faded or oxidized, we can match it. And even after additional oxidation occurs to both old and new paint, there is no mismatching.

We’ll mix only what you need. We don’t waste paint, because we can make the perfect amount. Most shops that don’t have the auto paint mixing system, they will call the local paint shop and must get a ‘pint’ of paint, instead of getting fractions. In some cases, that’s $200 and more! In most cases, we cut the cost by 75% of auto painting costs.

Most Shops don’t have an on-site paint mixing system, and have to…

•Send out for paint after you arrive
•Wait until the next day to get it
•Hopefully spray the right color

Because we have in-house paint mixing we can…

•Match color exactly
•Match color faster
•Create smaller batches of paint – better for environment, less expensive for you
•Match any vehicle, regardless of oxidation or condition
•Create custom colors on the fly

Less time for you. Since our paint mixing system is on-site, we don’t have to send out for an automative paint, then get it back, then send it out again if it doesn’t match perfectly. We can ensure the paint is the right color, immediately