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Exact Color Matching

Auto Body Concepts utilizes the DuPont® Aquire Plus EFX™ system, a state-of-the-art optical color matching system.

Acquire Plus EFX™ is an advanced, hand-held spectrophotometer that will achieves the most accurate color match possible—even for complicated metallic,pearl and effect colors—faster and easier than ever before. It offers many advantages over current “camera” technology. Using advanced optic technology,

Acquire Plus EFX™ looks deep into the paint film to acquire the flake and color characteristics that are the keys to determining the best color match. After taking three measurements directly on the vehicle or part, the ColorNet® system shows the best formula to achieve an accurate color match.

All this assures Auto Body Concepts paints your vehicle with the most accurate color match possible!

Click here to learn more about this advanced color matching technology.